Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the maximum size I can build my granny flat?

The maximum size is 60 square metres.

2. Can I build a granny flat in any local government council area?

Yes in most cases. However, you will need to check with your local council to see if there are any restrictions which may prevent a granny flat to be built on your block. This can usually be identified by purchasing a Section 149(2) Planning Certificate from your local council, which costs around $40.

3. Do you custom build the granny flats, or are they kit homes?

We provide both kit homes and outstanding custom built grannyflats. We give you the option, to suit your needs and budget. Most of our Granny Flats are constructed on site, using quality licensed tradesmen.

4. Can I build another Granny flat, if I already have an old Granny flat on my block?

No. The SEPP only allows you to build one granny flat per lot.

5. I live on a battle axed block. Can I still build a granny flat?

Only if the access laneway to your block is wider than 3m, and the block measures at least 12m x 12m (excluding the access laneway).

6. Does the Granny flat have to be separate from the house, or can it be attached?

We can build it either attached or detached from the main house. Note: in most cases it is cheaper to build it as a separate structure, as it will not be interfering with the existing house.

7. Do I get a say in the finishes and colours of my home, granny flat or extension?

Definately YES. We pride ourselves on offering a large range of colours and materials to suit your lifestyle and taste.

8. Do I have to choose one of your standard designs to put on my block?

NO you don’t. Our architect can custom design a granny flat to suit your block and your needs. Book an appointment to discuss your design today.

9. We need a granny flat that will be wheel chair compliant. Can you assist us with this?

Most of our designs can be modified to comply with Australian Standard 1428.1-2009. Alternatively, one can be designed for you.

10. Do we have to go through our local council for approval, or can it be done through a private building certifier?

If your site is in full compliance with the SEPP 2009 (Affordable Rental Housing), then we will apply through a private certifier. If there are some elements of your site which do not comply with the SEPP, then we will need to lodge a DA through your local council. Either way, this is a process which we will handle on your behalf.

11. How long will it take to get approval before we can start building?

Depending on whether your site complies with the SEPP 2009, it could be as quick as 10 days through our Private Building Certifiers, or if it does need to go to Council, then it could take approximately 6-8 weeks for approval.

12. How long does the construction process take?

Generally, it should take no more than 6-8weeks for completion, subject to weather and other unforseen circumstances.

Traditional Construction

1. What is the average time for construction of a traditional built Granny Flat?

Approx. 8 – 10 weeks after site establishment / set-up. (Note: Factors such as weather & access play a vital role in construction time).

2. How much are site establishment costs?

Approx. between $8,000.00 – $12,000.00. However, site conditions will determine final costs. These conditions will vary from site to site, such as existing service locations, site topography, and position of new Granny Flat & sub-soil foundation material.

3. Do you provide a guarantee for all your Granny Flats?

Yes, as per NSW Office of Fair Trading – protection to the consumer is provided against structural defects for a period of 6 years and non-structural defects for 2 years

4. Are all workers and contractors insured whilst on site?

Yes, all relevant insurances are kept up to date and can be provided upon request.

5. Are separate meters provided for electricity, water &/or gas to the Granny Flat?

A separate electricity meter is provided at the main board. A separate water meter (called a CHECK METER) can be provided upon request, however, it is only a sub-meter (not a mains water meter) for the Granny Flat and requires manual meter reading by the owner / consumer. A separate gas meter similar to the water CHECK meter can be provided upon request.

6. Are Traditional built Granny Flats built on site?

Yes, all traditional built granny flats are custom built on site by our licensed team of builders & tradesman.

7. Are your Granny Flats constructed as Kit Homes or Custom Builds?

Both. We supply & build kit homes as well as custom built granny flats. We provide you with the option depending on your budget and needs.


1. Do I have to choose one of your standard designs?

No. We can modify one of our designs or completely custom design a new Granny Flat to suit your needs & / or site conditions.

2. Can your designs be modified, and is there a cost to modify them?

As we are a design and construction company, we can certainly customise the design to suit you. However, as we buy our materials in bulk, we can offer better deals on these standard designs. Changes to the design are possible, and depending on the amount of changes, a small fee of $500 may apply.

3. What is the largest size Granny Flat you can build?

60m2. This is usually similar to a 2 bedroom unit, with living, dining, kitchen & bathroom / laundry facilities. External porches, decks or carports are also allowed, and these are NOT included in the 60m2 area.

4. Our block shape is irregular. Can you custom design a Granny Flat to suit?

In the case where one of our standard designs does not fit on your block, we can customize a design to suit.

5. Can the Granny Flat be attached to the main house?

Yes, however, certain issues may arise if attached such as Fire Proofing requirements that may affect costs. In most circumstances it is usually cheaper to build a detached Granny Flat.

6. Can I build to the boundary?

No. As a general guide, there are certain setback requirements for Granny Flats such as, a minimum 3m from rear boundary for a CDA (Complying Development Approval) or 0.9m for a traditional DA/CC. All side boundaries require 0.9m set backs regardless of approvals choice. However, each site is unique and will be assessed individually.

7. Can you assist us with wheel chair access for our proposed granny flat?

Yes we can. We usually modify one of our designs or custom design a Granny Flat to suit these particular needs. We can also include wider doors, a step-less shower base, safety grab rails and a raised toilet as well as other features that may be required

8. Can I choose the colour of the finishes of my Granny Flat?

Yes. We can provide a colour scheme to suit your needs for all custom built Granny Flats. However, Kit Granny Flats have a standard colour scheme, which can be modified and may incur a small additional fee depending on number of colours chosen.

9. I like your designs, but I am an owner builder. Do you offer a design only service?

Yes. We do offer a design and approvals package where we can obtain all the necessary approvals for you.

Kit Home

1. Why are Granny flat builders kit homes different to standard kit homes?

Our Kit homes have no frame work, so our homes can be built quickly and efficiently. Our panels are insulated; reducing heating and cooling costs and requires no painting. We are reputable builders and distributors across Australia. We will ensure you receive professional and experienced service at a very affordable price.

2. How long will it take to build my Kit Home?

Approximately one week for site preparation i.e. slab or piers and one week to install.

3. How are our Kit homes installed?

We look after everything for you, site preparation, including installation of your kit home by our builders and connections to all services.

4. Can I build a granny flat home on any site?

Most sites that are over 450m2 land size, that have over 12m frontage and a 50% floor ratio. We can check this for you, so call us today.

5. From the time I order, how long until I get my Kit home delivered?

Average 28 days.

6. Can I build / install my Kit home myself?

Yes, our prefabricated panels and snap, click, lock system make it quick and easy to install. You will require an owner builder’s permit, insurance and architectural drawings submitted to council or PCA for approval. You will need to hire tradesmen for all connections and site preparation. If this sounds too difficult for you, we can manage this process.

7. Can I put the Kit home on a concrete slab?

Yes. You can build your Kit home on either a “metal” flooring system or a concrete slab.

8. Do Granny flat builders homes meet the new energy requirements?

Yes. Your new home comes with energy efficiency certification.

9. How do I arrange for services to be connected in my home?

You will need to arrange for the services to be connected before you move into your home. We will be able to help assist you with this process.

10. What do I do about plumbing?

We will co-ordinate all your plumbing needs.

11. What do I do about electrical?

We will co-ordinate all your electrical needs.

12. How do I know if I need a planning permit and building permit?

Speak to us today and we can let you know if your site needs one.

13. Can I select finishes for my home?

To enable us to give you the cheapest price possible, we have designed the kitchen, chosen windows and doors to ensure they are the most popular on the market and most suited to the design of our homes. You can choose the finishes that include panel colours and floor coverings. Any variations will incur additional cost which are still affordable. We have a builders range of PC items you can choose from.

14. What heating and cooling options are available?

Only minimal heating and cooling costs are required. You can discuss your options with us, i.e. installation of a split system air-conditioner.