Complying & Development

Complying Development has the ability to provide a ‘fast tracked’ approval for residentsseeking to build anything from a modest deck or swimming pool, alterations and additions to an existing home or even a new two storey dwelling and best of all a granny flat up to 60m2 in size.

Granny flat builders wants to help home owners realise how Complying Development can make home improvement easier.

Advantages of Use

The Advantages of using Complying & Development

  • Our extensive experience – with Complying Development applications for GRANNY FLATS providing you the necessary information to ensure your application may be dealt with quickly.
  • We work closely with a team of Accredited Certifiers – any of whom can deal with your application and enquires with speed and we can guide you through the process.
  • Its important to work with the right teams of Builders, Architects, tradesmen – people who can help you with your renovation, extension, granny flat or new deck
  • We will ensure a:
  • Fast and efficient processes – that have evolved during our years, ensures that you receive a professional and timely outcome.
  • Setting a benchmark – for fast, efficient and trustworthy assessment and approval of your new project.

Steps to Comply

Steps of Complying Development

  • Make the decision to better your lifestyle with minimal heartache!
  • Select Granny flat builders as experienced Complying Development Professionals committed to ‘Simplifying the Process’
  • Begin the design process, once a concept has been created and planned:
    In as little as 10 days, you’re ready to start construction!