Why Build?

Why should you build a Granny Flat?

  • Granny Flat Kit Homes – Granny Flats can give you Extra Income, increase your property value and/or create extra living space.
  • Granny Flat Kit Homes helps your Children save for a deposit for a home in the future by not having to pay high rents.
  • Elderly parents requiring a level of assistance but You both can still have your own space and independence in form of a Granny Flat from the Granny Flat Builders.
  • Office, Hobbies, craft, music: Studio style Granny Flats /office is useful for favourite pastimes/passions or just a lovely room to sit and escape, the studio apartment provides great space for home office.
  • You can pay off your mortgage faster with the extra income generated via these positively geared property called Granny Flats.
  • Have a positively geared investment
  • Architecturally designed granny flats with budget and environment top of mind
  • Easy and fast approvals with Granny flat Builders with the NSW comply and develop policy. 10 day approval

Why use a Granny Flat Specialist?

  • We understand all the council laws in your area for fast approvals
  • We can show you Granny Flats we have built with satisfied customers
  • We ensure that your granny flat meets all legal requirements
  • We have many designs to choose from
  • We have an affordable fixed price contract
  • We guarantee our services in writing
  • We have all the adequate insurances according to all laws and regulations
  • Your granny flat will be built to the building code of Australia

What are the Advantages in building a Granny Flat?

  • A granny flat will pay itself off in 5-7 years
  • Increase the value of your property/li>
  • Maximise your rental return using wasted backyard space
  • Save on rent with a home office
  • Can be approved in 10 days – subject to site complying
  • Create more living space
  • Turn your negatively geared property into a positive cash flow
  • Create passive income
  • Use your self-managed super fund with amazing results
  • More tax depreciation available to you