Positively Geared Investment

Granny flats are a positively geared investment

As there is such a large demand for affordable housing in NSW, building a granny flat on your property has become a great investment. The average weekly rent return on a granny flat in Sydney is $420.00. This leaves you with a return on investment of over 20%. You could be making $1680.00 per month based on real returns.

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  • Who said you can’t have a positive geared investment in Sydney?

    The chance for a positively geared investment is now available in the Sydney metropolitan area. If you’re after the fast way to financial freedom, now is the best time to go ahead with building a granny flat on your property.


    Depreciation Benefits

    Claim your tax break. The construction of a Granny Flat has great depreciation benefits, approximately $4,000 – $6,000 Per Annum. You cannot claim depreciation on your owner occupied property, although if your granny flat is income producing, you can.